About Armory New Media

Armory New Media is a born digital publishing imprint. Forms are in flux, but our commitment to editorial excellence, functionally brilliant design, and concern for the interaction of author with readers will not waver. Digital publishing enables a speed to market that has been impossible in print formats, and also requires innovation and creativity to meet the needs of emerging markets. Armory New Media will provide that innovation and creativity to its client authors and readers everywhere.

If you are an author, please contact us to discuss your projects. We specialize in digital reprints of out of print books, as well as original content that lends itself to creative publishing approaches, and collaboration between publisher and author. We believe that we are part of a community of common interest and will maintain that commitment of openness and attention in every aspect of our work. Our business terms are innovative, transparent and extremely favorable to authors and other content creators.

If you are finding us as a reader, we welcome your thoughts and any suggestions and ideas about publishing in the digital age. We welcome your comments about our publications and our approach to publishing. Please contact us on any subject.

Armory New Media is a “born digital” publishing imprint of Creative Management Partners, LLC. CMP is owned and operated by David Wilk, and is located in Connecticut. In addition to publishing, CMP provides production services and consulting on digital publishing and audiences to businesses, nonprofits and individual writers (visit booktrix.com for further information about our consulting and publishing services).