For Authors

If you are anxious to get your work to market and you do not want to be a self-publisher (for any number of reasons, for example, you want to be writer, not a business, you want hands on support from a professional publisher even if you have to subsidize the cost), Armory New Media should be an option you explore. Our key staff members have many years of experience in publishing, including non-fiction of all kinds, literary fiction, commercial and genre fiction, in editorial, production, marketing and sales.

We have made the leap to digital publishing successfully, but retain our knowledge and understanding of what makes great content, how to successfully market books and reach readers, and our commitment to working closely with our authors. We believe that what we offer is far better for authors than either traditional publishing models or the wide range of self publishing offerings clamoring for your attention.

Contact us and you will hear from a real person, not an answering machine, not an automated email system, but a principle in Armory New Media who speaks the language of modern publishing. We welcome your inquiry.