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Chapel of Carnal Love
a novel by Susan Starr Richards
ISBN 978-1-935073-31-4
389 pages
Published December 1, 2012

Chapel of Carnal Love is a sexy fairy tale–a romantic Arthurian novel with epic sweep. This is not swords and sorcery. More like sex and sorcery, it’s an intricate tangle of love, seduction, and magic, with all the glamour and shocking visceral truths of the original Celtic myths. People are always making love to one lover while sure they’re with another. A good man cannot recognize his own sister under the guise of dance and desire. The threat to Arthur’s Round Table blows in one night before dinner. His name is Mordred, a minstrel boy with long eyelashes and rock star cool. He dispatches Launcelot, Gawain, and finally King Arthur himself off into the woods, the abode of the shapeshifter Morgan la Fay. For the vulnerable Queen Guinivere Mordred has other plans, way beyond his own infinitely irresistible seductions. Searching wildly for her self, the Queen finds another crown.

“This is a miracle of a book, an enormous feat of the imagination. The magic here enacted is true magic, wild and deadly. This novel recovers the old meaning of the word romance. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so courageous, so trusting of its vision, so willing to go wherever it is led. I have a feeling Sir Thomas Malory would be in love with Susan Starr Richards. If he only knew what he had set in motion…”
–Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, author of Come and Go, Molly Snow.”

Love Magick
edited by Francesca Lia Block
38 contributors
ISBN 978-1-935073-20-8

Francesca Lia Block does it again! This time, she has brought together a powerful, talented, impeccable group of writers, in her first venture into publishing, with the e-book anthology LOVE MAGICK. She has been playing with the idea of publishing the work of her friends and students together for years. In this genre-bending anthology, 38 writers from around the world, invite us into the realm of LOVE MAGICK- as they understand it. This is a book of stories and poetry told through the lens of fantasy, magical-realism, contemporary fairy tales, erotica, sci-fi, even horror – beautiful work that seeks to understand both the magical aspects of love and the love aspect of magic. How does love change us, for better or worse? This anthology is a kaleidoscope for the senses, like LOVE MAGICK, it is nothing you’d expect, and everything you might hope for.

Love Magick is now available as an e-book in multiple formats: Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple, and Google E-books.

Francesca Lia Block is renowned for her groundbreaking novels and stories—postmodern, magic-realist tales that transport readers through the harsh, gritty landscapes of contemporary life to transcendent realms of the senses where love is always our saving grace.

Born in Los Angeles, where she still lives, Block’s work pulsates with the language and images of the city’s sprawling subculture. Lauds a reviewer for the New York Times Book Review, “Block writes about the real Los Angeles better than anyone since Raymond Chandler.”

Block has described her work as “contemporary fairy tales with an edge,” where the real world and its trouble find solace through the magic of creative expression and love. She has received numerous honors, including the Margaret A. Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award and the Phoenix Award, as well as citations from the American Library Association, The New York Times Book Review and the School Library Journal, Her work has been published around the world, translated into many languages. She is the author of many novels, including Dangerous Angels, Kisses from Hell, Blood Roses and Girl Goddess #9. Love Magick collects 38 stories, many of which are written by Francesca’s writing students, and includes a story of her own as well.