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Chapel of Carnal Love
a novel by Susan Starr Richards
ISBN 978-1-935073-31-4
389 pages
Published December 1, 2012

Chapel of Carnal Love is a sexy fairy tale–a romantic Arthurian novel with epic sweep. This is not swords and sorcery. More like sex and sorcery, it’s an intricate tangle of love, seduction, and magic, with all the glamour and shocking visceral truths of the original Celtic myths. People are always making love to one lover while sure they’re with another. A good man cannot recognize his own sister under the guise of dance and desire. The threat to Arthur’s Round Table blows in one night before dinner. His name is Mordred, a minstrel boy with long eyelashes and rock star cool. He dispatches Launcelot, Gawain, and finally King Arthur himself off into the woods, the abode of the shapeshifter Morgan la Fay. For the vulnerable Queen Guinivere Mordred has other plans, way beyond his own infinitely irresistible seductions. Searching wildly for her self, the Queen finds another crown.

“This is a miracle of a book, an enormous feat of the imagination. The magic here enacted is true magic, wild and deadly. This novel recovers the old meaning of the word romance. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so courageous, so trusting of its vision, so willing to go wherever it is led. I have a feeling Sir Thomas Malory would be in love with Susan Starr Richards. If he only knew what he had set in motion…”
–Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, author of Come and Go, Molly Snow.”

The Writing Master
a novel by Kitty Burns Florey
ISBN 978-1-935073-28-4
173 pages
Published March 26, 2012

Set in 1856 in the thriving city of New Haven, Connecticut, Kitty Burns Florey’s The Writing Master is a contemporary Victorian novel that begins with one fateful letter and ends with another. It tells the story of a summer in the life of a young man named Charles Cooper, a teacher of writing – a penman – at a time when a fast, legible script was indispensible for a gentleman, and the gloriously embellished script of a master of the art was held in deep respect.
Charles’s anguished attempts to come to terms with the tragic accident that killed his wife and baby son are complicated by Lily Prescott, his sometime student – an unconventional woman with a shady past and an uncertain future that she is trying her calculating best to improve. When a brutal murder takes place just outside the city, Charles – as an expert penman – becomes involved in its solution, along with Harold Milgrim, an amateur detective in the mold of Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin. The consequences of his involvement are both unexpected and far-reaching.
Strongly influenced by the author’s love of nineteenth-century fiction and her immersion in New England history – and inspired by her 2009 nonfiction book, Script and Scribble: The Rise and Fall of Handwriting –The Writing Master meticulously evokes another age, one of sooty railroad journeys, extravagantly inconvenient clothing, strict social codes, and severe penalties for their transgression – as well as the timeless passions and aspirations of a cast of memorable characters.

Kitty Burns Florey is the author of nine novels and two nonfiction books, including Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences.

Love Magick
edited by Francesca Lia Block
38 contributors
ISBN 978-1-935073-20-8

Francesca Lia Block does it again! This time, she has brought together a powerful, talented, impeccable group of writers, in her first venture into publishing, with the e-book anthology LOVE MAGICK. She has been playing with the idea of publishing the work of her friends and students together for years. In this genre-bending anthology, 38 writers from around the world, invite us into the realm of LOVE MAGICK- as they understand it. This is a book of stories and poetry told through the lens of fantasy, magical-realism, contemporary fairy tales, erotica, sci-fi, even horror- beautiful work that seeks to understand both the magical aspects of love and the love aspect of magic. How does love change us, for better or worse? This anthology is a kaleidoscope for the senses, like LOVE MAGICK, it is nothing you’d expect, and everything you might hope for.

Love Magick is now available as an e-book in multiple formats: Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple, and Google E-books.

Francesca Lia Block, recipient of the prestigious Margaret A. Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award. has been publishing novels, short stories, essays, memoirs and poetry since 1989. Her work has been translated into many languages. Ms. Block lives in Los Angeles where she teaches writing workshops that are also available online. She is the author of many novels, including Dangerous Angels, Kisses from Hell, Blood Roses and Girl Goddess #9.

A Godsend: A Love Story for Grown-Ups
by Dalma Heyn and Richard Marek
ISBN 978-1-935073-17-8

Does love as we once knew it still exist? In our age of Twitter, Match.com. texting, sexting, iPhones and Facebook, can two adults – he a West Coast book anthologist, she a Vermont maple sugar farmer – fall in love the old-fashioned way, through meeting, attraction, lust, adversity, resolution? No, says Jove, God of Gods. Yes, says his son, the God of Love, whose career depends on it. Jove allows him only one intervention to effectuate the passionate, iffy romance between Evan Cameron and Eve Golyakovsky, whose life experiences make them wary of giving themselves to one another, and he blows it. Because of an ice storm that threatens to destroy Eve’s maple trees, and Evan’s ex-girlfriend’s illness that compels him to take her in, their love for each other is about to implode. The God of Love is now powerless to intercede. But the soul of a man and the heart of a woman are stronger even than the will of the Gods, and the result is a love story for this day and for time immemorial.

“Soulful and sexy. I loved it.” Joanna Gleason, actress. Into the Woods, Sons of the Profit, innumerable movies, TV shows

“A grown-up, witty look at love. A terrific read.” — Amanda Silver, co-writer of Rise of the Planet of the Apes

“Wonderful writing, wonderful characters, wondereful story. If you’ve ever been in love, don’t miss it!” — Dav1d Lender, e-book bestselling author of Trojan Horse and Vaccine Nation

“As fast-paced as a good thriller — and as riveting.” David Morrell, bestselling author of First Blood (Rambo), The Brotherhood of the Rose, etc.

“Proof that lovers can dance at any age! I’ve been longing for an adult romance. Here it is.” Linda Gottlieb, Producer, Dirty Dancing

“A Godsend gives us an imaginative, multi-layered perspective on the intricacies of the human heart. It is filled with wisdom as the reader lives with Evan; feeling with him and staying fully engaged until the last line.”
Trisha Meili, author, I Am The Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility

A Godsend is now available as an e-book in multiple formats: Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple, and soon, Google E-books.

Dalma Heyn is the author of The Erotic Silence of the American Wife; Marriage Shock: The Transformation of Women into Wives; and Drama Kings:The Men Who Drive Strong Women Crazy. Her monthly columns, “The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Sex,” and “Smart Sex” appeared in Mademoiselle Magazine and New Woman Magazine. A psychotherapist and speaker, she’s a former Editor-in-Chief of Health Magazine and Executive Editor of McCall’s. Her books have been translated into 30 languages and have been bestsellers both here and abroad. Her essays, articles and columns, many of which are on women’s issues, but also on culture and travel, have been rated #1 in readership surveys. A graduate of The University of Southern California and of New York University, she lives in Westport, Connecticut, with her husband and co-author, Richard Marek.

In his 40 years in “big-time” publishing, Richard Marek rose from a junior editor at Macmillan to President and Publisher of E.P. Dutton. During that time, he discovered Robert Ludlum, edited four books by James Baldwin, and published Peter Straub and Richard Condon, among many others. Since 2002, he has been a ghostwriter on 14 books, including Hide and Seek, and a forthcoming book on a triple-murder at Guantanamo Bay. His own novel, Works of Genius, was named one of the 10 best books of the year by The Los Angeles Times. He lives in Westport, Cinnecticut, with his wife and co-author, Dalma Heyn.

Duet: a Novel
by Kitty Burns Florey
ISBN 978-1-935073-10-9
September 2011 – $4.99

Originally published in 1987, now available as an e-book in multiple formats

Duet, Kitty Burns Florey’s acclaimed fifth novel, is set during the Vietnam years and provides a panoramic view of the 1960s. It’s the story of an aspiring singer named Anna Nolan, and the lonely misfit who’s the love of her life, Will Westenberg. The novel follows Anna from her adolescence in a Catholic school in the early 1960s, when the death of a friend brings her and Will together, through her career as a cabaret singer in Boston, and finally her marriage to an idealistic lawyer in New Haven.

Layered between the two parts of Anna’s story is Will’s, as he struggles with a haunting secret from his past, endures a loveless marriage, and desperately tries to gain custody of his son. As the years go by, Anna and Will encounter each other for brief, overwhelming episodes, each obsessed and preoccupied by the other in different ways, until the book’s shattering ending. The novel is about the music, the politics, and the texture of life in the ’60s, but mostly it’s about the power of love to disrupt and redeem.

Publishers Weekly
Stealing a march on Dante, Anna Nolan fixes her heart on Will Westenburg in third grade and stands fast thereafter. Although this overlong novel is packed with characters, from Grandma Mamie Nolan, who sings loud but true, to Patty, Anna’s precocious stepsister, and although nubile Anna is courted by many beaux, charismatic Will is at the center of the action. This is not always credible, since Will is an alcoholic, ambitionless and underachieving, has impregnated Anna’s best friend, who kills herself rather than have an abortion, and disappears after high-school graduation with an older woman whose money and guile persuade him to marry her. Anna meantime studies voice, becomes a nightclub singer and marries her bass player, a thoughtful, attractive, responsible man, who cannot communicate with Anna, since her antennae are trained on Will. He in fact takes over a section of the novel to describe his struggles with drink, his wife’s decision to divorce him and his return home, where he encounters Anna again. The foreknowledge of Anna’s certain reunion with her lover and its spine-tingling postponements provides tension, diminished somewhat by the crowded canvas and the profusion of episodes. But Florey (Real Life) succeeds in making this story of obsessive love a very appealing tale.

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Extreme Couponer: Insider Secrets to Getting Groceries for Free
by Marcia Layton Turner
ISBN 978-1-935073-10-9
July 2011 – $2.99

Become an Extreme Couponer

Have you ever wondered how certain coupon users—the extreme couponers—are able to buy hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars of groceries for only a few bucks? They fill their shopping carts full of everything from soup to apples to pasta, fish, beer, dish detergent, yogurt and milk, and then pay next to nothing for it.

That’s the exception, you might think—a rare situation.

In fact, it’s not. People routinely save 30%, 40%, 50% or more on their grocery shopping each week, sometimes as much as 90% or 95%. And you can, too.

The key is in gathering and strategically using the billions of dollars of coupons currently in circulation. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn here in Extreme Couponer.

You’ll learn where to find coupons, how to identify the best opportunities for savings, where to get more coupons for products you regularly buy, how to use group buying sites and gift cards to further reduce your weekly grocery budget—and much more. After reading this e-book, you’ll be informed and excited about how much money you can save each week on groceries. Maybe you’ll even become a candidate for a future Extreme Couponing episode!